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“We all are Venezuela”

Todos somos Venezuela

Statement from all the newspapers affiliated to Andiarios in Colombia, together with Grupo de Diarios de América, and Grupo de Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos. 

El País.com.co and – March 6, 2014

One of the obligations of the press is to defend its freedom and combat the tyranny that tries to destroy it. Even more when, as is happening in Venezuela, the media, particularly the printed media, becomes the main target of this attack to silence those who denounce the abuses of the incompetent leaders.

This is the goal of the project started today by all the newspapers affiliated to Andiarios in Colombia, together with Grupo de Diarios de América, and Grupo de Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos. “We All Are Venezuela, There Is No Democracy Without Freedom of the Press” is the voice of the free press of Latin America, united to express our solidarity with our Venezuelan colleagues that are suffering the strategy of the country’s government to silence them, kill their voices and keep them from telling their nation about the abuses of the regimen and the tragedies the homeland of Bolívar is suffering.

Starting today, our pages are open to publish all that the free press of our neighbor country can´t show due to the asphyxia they are suffering since the Venezuelan government mandated an arbitrary allocation of foreign currencies. In the coming days, our editions will have a page with a selection of news articles, notes, comments and opinion columns that our colleagues have not been able to  make public, because their shrinking space due to the scarcity of print paper.

This way, our readers will be able to learn first-hand what the Venezuelan journalism is going through. They will also be able to read how is the reality that is hitting them everywhere, deteriorating their quality of life and causing a deep division in a previously united and peaceful society. Also, they will learn about the repressive actions that the government of Nicolás Maduro is taking against those who are protesting on the streets, against all the shortages that the Venezuelan people are experiencing, due to his desire to impose a silence complicit with all kinds of abuse and attacks against democracy and freedom.

This is our contribution, in line with our commitment to tell the truth and support the defense of the rights that guarantee the exercise of freedom, as the supreme value of our people. In this case, it´s about offering our resources so the Venezuelan media and journalism can keep being witness to what´s happening in their country, of the fight to avoid that their forced silence results in the consolidation of the totalitarian objectives that have been taking over the electronic media and now have focused in the printed media that won´t yield to their orders.

With this in mind, “We all are Venezuela” is the contribution of the printed press in Latin America that amplifies the voice of the Venezuelan media. The voice of those printed journalism that won´t abandon its compromise with the truth and the democracy and it´s still witness to the effort of their country to free itself from the efforts to silence the cry for freedom and rejects absolutism.


Source: Todos somos VenezuelaEl País.com.co. March 6, 2014

Translated by #infoVnzla