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20,000 Syrian refugees in Venezuela

The Venezuelan president offered to receive 20,000 Syrian refugees in Venezuela. It is not an effective decision yet, but a political announcement. It is useful to fuel a few headlines and calm down that sort of “white-guilt” the Western press has been displaying over the last weeks.

– This doesn’t take into account the fact that his government supports Bashar Al-Assal as some Syrian refugees flee from ISIS but also from Assad’s bombs; even from the chemical weapons Assad uses against civilians.
– It ignores the fact that 2 years ago he announced 100 Palestinian children would be received in Venezuela; which never happened.
– Instead, his government took in one hundred Palestinian young adults after offering them medicine studies.
– Many of those young adults have gone back to Palestine because no medicine studies were provided but teachings about the benefits of “the revolution” and the anti-imperialist fight.
– Over 10,000 Colombians have left Venezuela in the last weeks due to the militarization of the border, the suspension of constitutional rights and the demolition of their homes. Although it is said they left “voluntarily”, they were actually expelled by the violence of the State without taking into account whether they were already victims of the violence in Colombia.
– According to UNHCR data, the number of Colombians who could apply for “refugee” status (meaning they fled from violence and not due to their economic situation) in Venezuela is around 180 thousand. In all these years of Chavismo government (since 1999), not even 5% have been granted such status as refugees even though it is a UN mandate.
– There are still many Venezuelan victims from the heavy rains of 1999 and floods from 2010 who are living in industrial warehouses and parking lots in extremely harsh conditions.

But you can keep at it; let’s just look at that offering to bring to Venezuela 20,000 Syrian friends. It looks really nice in those headlines and photographs.

Luis Carlos Diaz Vazquez

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Septiembre 8, 2015

01. La Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos ordena el restablecimiento de la señal de RCTV. El desacato del madurismo será seguro. Elías Pino Iturrieta

02. Ahora resulta que aquí producimos enormes cantidades de todo… Y se va todo para Colombia. Que burla… Claro desde China se puede decir cualquier vaina. Francisco Murmullo Garcia

03. Tal como piensa Maduro, supongo que la próxima acción será cerrar la frontera con The New York Times y deportar a los niuyorktaimesianos. Orlando Balliache

04. – Hay días en los cuales hasta yo me iría demasiado ‪#‎F‬*ck. Marianella Torres Wagner

05. Entre Pastor Maldonado y las carteras y joyas de las ministras del gobierno se nos ha ido unos cuantos planes Marshall. Alex Delarge

06. Muchos ven los atropellos gravísimos de la dictadura bananera como simples “sinvergüenzuras” que en el fondo toleran porque se identifican. Erik Del Bufalo

– ¿De qué acusan al Presidente de Guatemala?
– Corrupción, desaparecieron $130 millones bajo su responsabilidad
– Y por los $25.000 millones de Cadivi no ha pasado nada
– Ajá. Naky Soto Parra

08. Aquí está guatepeor y nada. Salvador Fleján

09. Los días de nacimiento y muerte de Chávez son efemérides escolares. Faltan los de Caín, Stalin e Idi Amín. Fernando Nunez-Noda

10. “…El natalicio y muerte del ex presidente Hugo Chávez Frías fueron incluidos dentro del efemérides escolar, de acuerdo con las resoluciones del Ministerio de Educación publicadas en la Gaceta 40.739 del viernes 4 de septiembre de 2015.
“….El 4 de febrero también se conmemorará la “Rebelión 4-F. Día de la Dignidad Cívico Militar”….El país hundido en la chapuza necrofilica y a paso veloz al atontamiento sumiso de Corea del Norte… William Benshimol

Hoy amanecí con esperanza… A pesar de que Venezuela se está hundiendo cada día más en este desastre económico y político que nos trajo el socialismo del siglo XXI y la gente se está yendo a bandadas, sigo trabajando por un sueño: el de hacer cada vez mejor cine y ser parte de una cinematografía digna para Venezuela. Los proyectos en camino en los que estoy participando son maravillosos! Y los de varios colegas y amigos se las traen. Seguimos si! Claudia Lepage

Compared to Chávez, Maduro is a Clown

By SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen – Published on March 5th, 2014.

For weeks now, Venezuela´s opposition has been protesting against the government. Tomorrow, it will be one year since the passing Hugo Chávez, Nicolás Maduro´s political mentor, and large demonstrations are expected again. An expert in Latin America explains to us why the country is so divided.

Interview with Wolf Grabendorff by the SRF, television and radio station for German Switzerland.

SRF: Wolf Grabendorff, why are the protest so intense at this particular time?

WG: They are so intense because the opposition doesn´t want to wait for the next elections. There is a group within the opposition that considers that the pressure from the street protests should force President Maduro to resign.

SRF: The opposition demands Maduro´s resignation. What is the next plan?

WG: Everything that Chávez did must be annulled. The opposition demands that above all, the economy be repaired. But the rest of the demands are unclear. The democratic opposition is made up of about 20 different independent parties. It is not clear which way to go, and neither is how the reforms, which are desperately needed for the country, should be applied.

SRF: What should a new government do to solve the economic crisis in Venezuela?

WG: It must renew the relationship with the private companies. Chávez nationalized many things – and Maduro has done so even more, in the short time he has been in office. That´s one of the reasons why the situation with supplies is so catastrophic. There is a lack if everything in the country. The currency is crumbling. Those who can, take their saving abroad. And besides the political crisis, there is also a structural crisis of the economy, which has to do with Chávez subsidizing Cuba with large amounts of money for many years.

SRF: In addition to this, there is a high crime rate in Venezuela. The country has the highest murder rate in the world. Does the economic crisis explain so many deaths?

WG: No, the elevated crime is not only due to an economic crisis; but also, to the corrupt police, which is also divided. For example, when a candidate for the opposition wins the elections of a district within a city, the police will be on the opposition´s side – and vice versa. This means that in Caracas, Venezuela, police forces don’t work together, but instead are confronted. Besides, they are so poorly paid, that they can only afford to survive through crime.

SRF: Venezuela also had problems during Chavez´s presidency. Why weren´t there such large protests back then?

WG: That has to do with Chavez´s charisma. After Fidel Castro and Perón, Chávez was the third greatest leader of this continent in the last 50 years. He presented himself to the region as leader, not only for his country´s needy, but also before neighboring countries. This leadership style made the handling of his adversaries easier.

SRF: Then, in the ten months on Nicolás Maduro´s presidency, he has not been able to make any corrections to Chávez´s agenda?

WG: No, compared to Chávez, he is a clown. He is neither a great leader, nor has strong connections within the Chavismo. What he has actually done is ruin the country, even more than Chávez managed to in his 14 previous years.

SRF: Does that mean that Maduro not only feels the pressure from the streets, but also, within the Chavista power circle?

WG: That is correct. The question is, how will the discontentment with Maduro´s mediocre leadership manifest itself? The army, which is already divided within, doesn´t see clearly who could be the next leader. The confrontations on the streets have made it clear that Maduro isn´t even able to control his own people. Most gunshots do not come from the army, but from the secret service and those called “colectivos,” which are nothing more than armed Chavista groups.

SRF: Does that mean that Venezuela, to put it one way, has an authoritarian Chavista leadership, and beneath it there are other power circles?

WG: Yes, and it is precisely that spreading of the power that makes it very difficult to impose reforms. Many regional observers believe that only a military regime could establish order.

Source: SRF. “Verglichen mit Chávez ist Maduro ein Clown”. SRF Schewizer Radio und Fersehen. March 5th, 2014. http://www.srf.ch/news/international/verglichen-mit-chavez-ist-maduro-ein-clown%20

Main photograph: Foto principal: AFP  Photo/Presidency.

Translated by #infoVnzla