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Statement by the venezuelan student movement

In light of recent events it is our duty to request the Government that it enforces the rule of law and honour its commitment to the Venezuelan People. In this sense, we demand the following:

  1. Freedom for all student detainees. A system where justice prevails cannot condemn peaceful demonstrations. Due process must be guaranteed and the law must be upheld in a transparent manner.
  2. An immediate end to torture and human rights violations. We demand that those who ordered and took part in torture be held accountable before the law.
  3. An end to the criminalization of protests and to intimidation. We deplore the use of the Armed Forces as a repressive instrument.
  4. The disarming of violent groups masquerading as community groups (colectivos comunitarios) that terrorize the Venezuelan population.
  5. The renewal and re-legitimization of public powers so that State institutions respond to the needs of the Venezuelan people, that they fulfill their legal obligations and are faithful to the mandate they have received from the Venezuelan people.
  6. An end to censorship in the media. We defend the rights of Venezuelans to be informed and of journalists to communicate freely in pluralistic media outlets that reflect the country as a whole.

We call upon civil society in general, unions, professional associations, companies and especially the families of Venezuela so that they join us in the defense of our National Constitution.


Original Source:  EXCLUSIVO: Comunicado Movimiento Estudiantil 2014


Translation by #InfoVnzla