Who is the destructive and degenerate?

By César Yegres B.

InfoVnzla.com- June 1, 2014

A few days ago, the Head of State of a rich Caribbean nation met with “university leaders” who identify themselves with his government. At that meeting, the president, who must be an example of righteousness and morality, called the opposition student movement in his country with such terms as “destructive” and “degenerate”.

The vocabulary to describe this young students, who think differently from him and are just protesting to defend their rights, was so poor, that I had to look in the dictionary the meaning of both words to learn if they have another one else that I don’t know.

According to the dictionary, “destructive” is an adjective meaning “that destroys or has power to destroy”. While “degenerate”, also an adjective, is “that of a person with an abnormal mental condition or moral depravity”.

After reading both meanings several questions arose. Who has destroyed the economy of a country in a year in government? Who has destroyed the currency in less than a year (500% devaluation)? Who has destroyed many families through so many human rights violations committed against defenseless citizens? Who has destroyed tourism in that nation with a billion-dollar debt with the airlines? Who has destroyed the productive system to the extent that its citizens have to line up for hours to buy milk, sugar, flour, cooking oil, etc.? Who has destroyed the electrical system, once a Latin American and world example of efficiency? Who has destroyed and continues to destroy every day the hopes of millions of people in that country?

I know that there are so many more questions about who’s responsible for the destruction of that country, but I also wonder who’s the degenerate that has ordered the imprisonment of minors in highly dangerous prisons? Who is the degenerate who has ordered the authorities to shoot against the people? Who is the degenerate that has allowed physical assaults on women, the elderly and children during the protest? Who is the degenerate that has allowed the murders of many demonstrators and so many others who have died, not just protesting, but at the hands of delinquency and that remains unpunished?

Again, I left out many questions. However, when I try to find the answer to these that I just wrote is not the student movement, with which I can feel identified with, that comes to my mind. Instead, the only person who destroyed, not only because he had the power and the authority to do so, but also for his dubious mental and moral condition, was the president of this rich-yet-poor Caribbean nation for the last fifteen years, and his retinue of servants, whose moral and mental condition has enough evidence to be questioned, as well as the depraved ambition that is corroding them.


By César Yegres B. for #infovnzla

Photo: Reuters