Open the door, it is SEBIN

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By Fabiola Zerpa

CONFLICTOVE – Published May 18, 2014

“The intelligence agency (SEBIN) has become one of the main arms used by the Government to counteract the wave of protests that has enveloped the country in the last three months. Warrantless arrests, interrogations not authorized by judges, surveillance operations and harassments have been questioned by those who have been targets of the institution.(…)

A call is received by a student leader from an unknown phone and is told, as evidence that she is under surveillance, what is the menu that she just ordered; a party activist is pursued on the highway,  stopped at the parking lot of his building and seized by two men who warn him ‘ we know who you are and what you do’; an independent journalist is questioned by three individuals that forced him to keep his head between his legs while driving him around in a van through unknown parts of the city ; some young people are locked in a tiny cell illuminated by a bulb that does not allow them to guess whether it is afternoon, morning or night ; some university students, staying in a hotel, are surprised by a knock on the door of the room and the screams from outside with an order: ‘Open up! It is SEBIN! ‘ ( … )

Other cases of evidence being planted have also been reported by various political organizations other than Voluntad Popular. Primero Justicia claimed it happened in the case of Hernando Garzon, Party leader in Barinas, and his wife, Sandra Flores, advisor to that city council. The two were arrested on March 26th by SEBIN and CICPC (Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigation Body). The agents showed up at the couple’s home looking for a family allegedly involved in the fire of the premises of the Ministry of Oil and Mining a week earlier. They did not find her there. ( … )

“When they were checking the upper part of the house, along with Garzón and his wife, there was a movement downstairs and then a box of nipples and Molotov cocktails appeared. Everyone in the party is convinced that it was planted”, says Neyl Arévalo, secretary of Primero Justicia in Barinas. The couple was charged with financing terrorism, conspiracy and illicit manufacture of explosives. At the preliminary hearing the judge dismissed the first two counts, after which this judge was dismissed. Until today, Garzón and Flores remain in detention. ( … )

Three irregularities stand out in the actions of the institution. One is the high frequency with which it performs searches without warrants, a mechanism that often leads to another violation: detention of people without arrest warrants. Second, there is a violation of the constitutional right to the secrecy and inviolability of private communications (Article 48). “The government has admitted this illegality through the Minister Rodríguez Torres, when he has referred to emails and phone calls to make accusations against politicians and human rights defenders”.

Full article here: Abran la puerta, es el Sebin


Original Source : Zerpa , Fabiola “Abran la puerta, es el Sebin”. ConflictoVe . May 18, 2014 . MLH Busy. May 20, 2014

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