Venezuela in flames. Santos silent

By Fernando Londoño Hoyos – 18-02-2014

Fernando Londoño Hoyos : “Declare a draw in Venezuela is like sending condolences to the murderer for the inconveniences caused by the agony of the victim”.

What happens in Venezuela had to come and came, but it is still missing the worst. Unfortunately.

The Castro-Chavism will be remembered as the author of an economic miracle in reverse, of which few are recorded in the evolution of countries. Convert in a miserable country the richest in America is not an everyday feat. Having so much poverty in many parts, only in a few countries, people have to fight, his teeth, for a bag of milk, a pound of flour or a piece of meat.

Convert into waste one of the most organized and serious oil company of the world is not any nonsense. Carry a nation to insolvency in front of airlines, commercial and surgical providers is not a thing that happens everyday. And ruining the countryside and industry, trade and services, power generation, engineering, banking and communication is a very difficult task, when one remembers that the country that is suffering has the largest oil reserves in the world.

In that frantic race to the disaster, the Castro-Chavista government had to proceed to gradual eliminate all freedoms, the sacrifice of thought and conscience, ruining also the institutions, the journalism, the parties, the colleges, the guilds, the unions. All has been achieved after the plan of the inspiring older men of the system, Fidel and Raúl Castro, that once more have demonstrated their courage, their total lack of consideration and respect for the highest values ​​of the human species, and also his absolute lack of talent. Lead Venezuela to total ruin is killing his own livelihood. And it is what they have done, moving the springs of the dumbest fanaticism, of the most rough hatred, the most clumsy revenge.

Nicolas Maduro has the intelligence and the political tact that displayed in any of his speeches. But at the end he is a poor hostage of the disgraceful interests of the corrupt class that Venezuela has led to his downfall. If this puppet were free, even from his cowardly intentions of statesmanship, we could expect some act of rectification, a gesture of appeasement, some willingness to understand the mess and fix it. But Maduro is the first slave of the atrocious passions that dominate Venezuela. The looters of this great nation are not willing that anyone rehearse an exam of their behavior. In the dumps of crime you loose everything, starting with the modesty.

Venezuela’s regime will fall, because it has to fall. It could not survive but totally muzzling the people, imposing ration cards, raising a firing line, like the one of the Che Guevara at La Cabaña. Right now there are not the conditions for the world to support these affronts. One Cuba is enough for America.

The people are in the streets, ready to be killed. And they are killing them. The student youth, who knows their future is closed, bets on anything but the coward continuity. Entrepreneurs lost everything long ago. They do not have sums to calculate. And the salaried masses of the system see with horror that the system no longer has markets to buy their consciousness.

In the presence of this catastrophe, President Santos offers only but his stunned silence. If he continues to offend that country, he will have a formidable enemy. And if he offends President Maduro, his process of peace will stop. That is the consequence of the first of his clumsy acts, taking as a new best friend a despicable tyrant. And to put together a peace process over the perishable shoulders of some patriarchs in decline.

Source: Londoño Hoyos, Fernando. “Venezuela en llamas. Santos calla”. 18-02-2014.

Translated by #infoVnzla