“Where you see the enemy, I only see venezuelans”, said Macri to Maduro

“Where you see a conspiracy, I see a gun-shot Génesis Carmona being carried away”

By DyN. La Nueva. 02-24- 2014.

The chief of the government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, wrote a letter today to Venezuela´s president Nicolás Maduro, stating that instead of “enemies” he “only” sees “angry Venezuelans who demand changes of their government.”

“You shouldn’t confuse the Argentinian government for the Argentinian people, as we do not mistake you for the Venezuelan people. Not all of us support you fully and absolutely in your abuses,” highlighted Macri on a note published on his Facebook and emphasized: “Mister Maduro, where you see the enemy, I only see Venezuelans.”

In regards to the protests in Venezuela, where 10 people died and which led to many acts of violence, the Buenos Aires official noted that “the protesters are not enemies nor conspirators, they are Venezuelans.”

In the letter, he also assured that “it is clear that you (Maduro) and I see different things and in different ways. For example, where you see enemies that you want to annihilate, I see angry Venezuelans who demand changes to their government.”

“Where you see a conspiracy, I see how a gun-shot, agonizing Génesis Carmona is carried away on a motorcycle at 22 years of age. And I don’t see you. Nor did I see you at the funeral of those innocent people,” he added.

Meanwhile, while separating himself from Kirchner´s party, Macri reminded him that “days ago, the Argentinian government confirmed its ‘full and total support’ towards Maduro,” and added that he prefers to “demand the immediate liberation of Leopoldo López and of all the Venezuelan political prisoners.”

“I choose to ask you to gain control of the paramilitary forces who spread fear and deaths with bullets. I prefer to ask you to guarantee freedom, and to sit down and hold an honest dialog with those who think differently,” he highlighted.

Additionally, the chief of city government emphasized that “where you see protesting fascists, I see people, I see human beings who do not agree with you. They do it however they can, they are people, and they also are the true Venezuelan people. Or is it that only those who applaud you are the people, and the rest are enemies?,” he questioned.

“I also see what you seem to miss. I see the fearsome motorcycles of the paramilitary groups who shoot against unarmed civilians at night, they even shoot at their houses and apartments, as is shown by the videos on Youtube,” he stated.

He ended by saying that “where you see only defamations and lies in the social networks (which there is, which I condemn), I also see the true indignation of the Venezuelans who find that is the only space they have left to report it with all its characters, because they are left with almost no media outlets since you shut them down, drowned them, persecuted them, and even kicked them out of the country. Good thing Twitter and Facebook exist, so that they can let us know what is happening in Venezuela!”

Source: DyN. “Donde usted ve al enemigo, yo solo veo venezolanos”, le dijo Macri a Maduro. La Nueva. 24-02-2014 http://www.lanueva.com/El-pais-/748573/donde-usted-ve-al-enemigo–yo-solo-veo-venezolanos–le-dijo-macri-a-maduro.html

Main photograph: Taken by Beatrice Murch (blmurch)

Translated by #infoVnzla